Tar and Gravel Roof: Pros, Cons, and also Maintenance Tips

If you’re a home owner or a residential property supervisor, you may be thinking about a tar and also crushed rock roof. Generally discovered on commercial structures, this type of roof is made up of layers of tar as well as asphalt, topped with a layer of crushed rock. This roof material has been in use for years because of its longevity as well as affordability, however it’s not without its downsides. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros, disadvantages, and also maintenance pointers for a tar as well as crushed rock roof covering.

One of the greatest advantages of a tar as well as crushed rock roofing system is its expense. This sort of roofing product is one of one of the most cost effective, making it a superb selection for those on a limited spending plan. Additionally, tar as well as gravel roof coverings are very resilient and also can last approximately two decades with appropriate maintenance. The gravel layer on top also acts as a UV filter, shielding the underlying layers from sunlight damage and extending the life expectancy of the roofing system.

Although tar and also crushed rock roof coverings have several advantages, there are likewise some disadvantages to think about. To start with, this kind of roof covering material is not ideal for all climates. In locations with hefty rains, tar as well as crushed rock roofing systems are vulnerable to leakages, and the crushed rock layer can end up being clogged with debris, causing reduced water drainage. Additionally, the visibility of crushed rock can make roofing assessments much more tough, as it can hide damage or block access to the roofing system surface area. Lastly, if the roofing system is not mounted correctly, it can be vulnerable to cracks and bending.

To ensure the durability of your tar and also crushed rock roofing, routine maintenance is vital. Right here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Examine your roofing system two times a year, particularly after hefty rain or severe weather.
Erase any type of particles that has collected on the roof, particularly in the crushed rock layer.
Fix any type of damages (such as fractures or blisters) immediately to stop more damages.
Make sure proper ventilation in your attic to avoid the buildup of warm and also moisture.

In conclusion, a tar as well as crushed rock roof covering is an affordable and also resilient alternative for those seeking a roof covering material that can last for years. Nevertheless, the visibility of gravel can posture obstacles for assessments and also upkeep, and this kind of roofing system may not be suitable for all climates. By consistently maintaining your tar as well as crushed rock roofing, you can make sure that it lasts as lengthy as feasible and also continues to safeguard your residential property from the elements.

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